Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney in a Hit and run

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The fight-or-flight is the immediate response of any human after encountering a mentally or physically terrifying incident. In some instances, we tend to flee. It’s a natural human instinct to escape from blame, dispute, and penalty. What if it happens at an accident scene? That legally turns out to be a hit and run accident.

A hit and run is described as an incident in which the “driver of a vehicle intentionally fails to stop to give the wounded party, a witness, or law enforcement agents his identity, license number, and other information as required by statute.” Hit and run may also include hitting fixed objects like a mail box and in few states applicable to hitting animals too.

As per the data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), in 2016 there were 1,980 hit and run accidents reported in the US. This has stemmed a massive 2,049 fatalities. In every 43 seconds, a hit and run accident is reported in the United States. Not just that, there is a substantial 60% rise in the cases from 2009 till 2016, says American Automobile Association’s (AAA Foundation) for Traffic Safety. 

Nevertheless, you are a victim or at fault, a car crash would always be horrific and creates havoc. A hit and run accident would be more devastating for the victim leaving him helpless, confused, and in pain.  Being so common within the US, thousands of hit and run claims are raised every year.

Given a hard time in a hit and run car accident, you can put faith in a car accident attorney to file the lawsuit. A well-grounded car crash attorney would have your back and keep things moving along quickly.

Let’s plough through the five gains of hiring a car accident attorney for your hit and run claim.

He knows the ins and outs of the personal injury law of your state

Hit and run laws fluctuate from state to state. The majority of the states consider hit and run accidents as misdemeanors or felonies. It depends on the consequences of the hit and run. Penalty to the defendants may include fines and jail time.

In New York, a hit and run accident resulting in property damage, it is considered a traffic infraction. Fine of up to $250 and/or imprisonment for up to 15 days would be given to the defendant. When the accident ends up with a serious injury, it is considered a Class E felony. The defendant would be charged a fine of $1,000-$2,500 and imprisonment for not more than 4 years. If the hit and run results in the death of the victim, it is a Class D felony. A fine of $1,000-$2,500 and jail time for not more than 7 years would be given to the defendant.

You may have doubts, setbacks, and worries regarding the accident and the likelihood of a claim. The claim possibility would rely on the accident, injuries and the severity of your damages. A car accident attorney mastered in hit and run accidents would know-it-all. Approaching the attorney would make the claiming process more effective. He would evaluate your case and let you know the possibilities of a claim.

Even a tiny piece of the evidence is weighty for him

­When the person who hits you flees the scene immediately, gathering evidence enough to support a claim would be a herculean task. You may not be able to get any information about the running driver in the accident spot. This may often reflect in the claim.

A car accident attorney would be skilled enough to gather evidence to strengthen your claim. He would dig it out from the police report. The other vehicle’s make, model, and color, the direction it headed after the crash, location of the accident, everything matters in hit and run charges. Footage from surveillance cameras and traffic cameras may become crucial in providing evidence.

Your medical records would turn out to be another source of evidence in the claim. It would substantiate the extent of damages caused by the accident. For presenting the medical reports as evidence in the claim, it needs to be professionally reviewed. Your attorney would be backed with a competent company offering medical records review service. They prepare crisp and accurate medical chart review from the voluminous medical reports.

He would make the paper works a breeze for you

Unlike other personal injury claims, attaining compensation from the defendant is a little bit tricky in a hit and run claim. It is not possible to identify the person who caused the harm unless some evidence indicates the running driver.

When the running driver is identified, the claim moves ahead like other accident claims. Through the insurance of the defendant, you may seek compensation for the damages. What if the liable person is not found? You have to proceed with your insurance claims. If you carry uninsured motorist (UM) insurance, it will help. However, getting the claim from your insurance company would not be gentle be deal with.

Pursuing the claim with the help of a car accident lawyer would save you from the thorny paper works process. Each state would have a different statute of limitations within which the claim needs to be filed. The attorney would help in filing the claim on the dot.

Hiring a car wreck attorney would help you navigate the insurance claim process by

  • Submitting the demand letter.
  • Negotiating with the insurer if their counteroffer is not acceptable.
  • Moving to the court if settlement is not reached.

He knows how to entangle the Defendant arguments

Like any other personal injury claim, the insurance companies would come up with all the possible tactics to minimize the claim. Even if the running driver is identified, you have to battle all the defense arguments to win the claim. The common defense points argued in hit and run charges are.

  • The defendant did not stop as there was no safe place to stop the vehicle.
  • The defendant was unaware of the crash.
  • After the defendant left the spot, you indicated the damages.
  • Your pre-existing conditions are presented as damages from the hit and run.

Expertise is required to slice the defense arguments and to substantiate the claim. For a skilled car accident attorney, it would be a smooth sail.

He would help you walk off with a deserving payoff

Winning the claim would never compensate for the physical injuries and the emotional trauma you sustain. However, compensation may help with your medical expenses and would also help you to have a better living. No doubt, hiring a car accident attorney would help you get the most out of the compensation. Hit and run claims may help you obtain both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages cover all the current and future medical expenses related to the mishap. It includes rehabilitation costs, medical bills, ambulance charges, etc. Non-Economic damages may cover emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of activities, worsening of prior injuries, etc.


To wrap up, fleeing the scene of a car accident is no way a great idea even if it’s a minor crash. It may turn out hefty for the running driver than causing the accident.

Going ahead with a personal injury lawsuit in a hit and run is not easy-peasy. If you are victimized, pursuing the support of a car accident attorney would be the finest decision. It would increase the odds of earning a deserving compensation. He would help you to deal with the police, insurance providers, and the liable party.


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