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Is Labral Tear of the Hip Curable? Can You Claim?

Overview Did you know? During regular activities like walking, a healthy hip carries nearly 5 times a person's body weight. Anatomically, the hip is the area on both sides of the pelvis. It is a ball-and-socket joint and is one of the most stable joints in the human...

Startling Facts on Fall Down the Stairs you Need to Know

Overview Watch your step before you tread onto a staircase as you don’t know what surprise it has for you. This is not just a warning but something we must always adhere to. Statistics record that falling down the stairs is the second most prominent cause of injuries...

Faulty exercise equipment in Gym: Can you sue?

Overview: The expression "A healthy mind in a healthy body" highlights the necessity of maintaining physical fitness. Exercising is an important aspect of most people's lives in the United States. Americans who are health-conscious spend a lot of time at gyms. To make...

Toxic chemical impacts on health and FAQs on winning claims

Overview: In the race of developing nations, various new chemicals are formulated to create a wide variety of products. Even though useful in one way, these things can be highly toxic to the environment and health of the people. Exposure to a toxic chemical, in the...
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