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Facet Joint Injury Settlement: How to Proceed?

The zygapophyseal joints, also known as facet joints, are vertebral column joints that belong to the category of joints of the vertebral arches. Each pair of vertebrae has two facet joints, in contrast to the intervertebral disk, which are real synovial joints made up...

What to Do If You’re a Pedestrian Hit by Car?

Every day, we hear news about pedestrians being hit by cars. In 2021 alone, statistics revealed a distressing truth: in traffic-related accidents, a pedestrian was injured in every 9 minutes. These accidents can be frightening and can cause serious injuries or even...

Is Annular Tear the Culprit of your Chronic Neck and Back Pain?

Did you encounter a motor vehicle accident like a rear-end impact or a T-bone accident? As a result, do you have neck or back pain? Consult a physician immediately. You might have sustained an annular tear, possibly in the neck or back. Neglecting it will make you...

How Badly an Aggravated DUI Could Toll Your Life?

“If you drink like a fish, don’t drive: swim.” Joe E Levis. When you drink and drive, you aren't just hurting yourself; you're hurting others as well. Every 52 minutes, one person dies as a result of a DUI, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety...