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How Badly an Aggravated DUI Could Toll Your Life?

“If you drink like a fish, don’t drive: swim.” Joe E Levis. When you drink and drive, you aren't just hurting yourself; you're hurting others as well. Every 52 minutes, one person dies as a result of a DUI, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety...

Causes and consequences of fatal car accidents

Overview: Driving your car in the US will give you a versatile experience and joy as it has different types of landscapes for your eyes to devour. However, steering your car on the road needs your full attention and expert maneuvering skills. Knowledge of the local...

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Attorney in a Hit and run

Overview Fight-or-flight is the immediate response of any human after encountering a mentally or physically terrifying incident. In some instances, we tend to flee. It’s a natural human instinct to escape from blame, dispute, and penalty. What if it happens at an...

Car Black Boxes: Do They Make or Break Your Accident Claims?

Ever had a car accident and wished there was a witness to support your side? Do you know, there's a little box in your car that does just that? It's called a black box, and it remembers everything from how fast you were going to whether you hit the brakes in time....