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How Badly an Aggravated DUI Could Toll Your Life?

“If you drink like a fish, don’t drive: swim.” Joe E Levis. When you drink and drive, you aren't just hurting yourself; you're hurting others as well. Every 52 minutes, one person dies as a result of a DUI, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety...

Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Insight: Top Causes of Accidents

Trucks are the beasts on the roads. The enormous size of around 80,000 pounds and the dimensions of a truck make it generate power that can crush anything that collides. The truck accidents are fatal. What makes a truck so dangerous? The size does matter! The truck...

Traumatic Truck Accident: Causes and Aftermath

Get a Free Case Evaluation From a LawyerOverview In this digital era, people are fond of online shopping. We can see the plethora of trucks flying across the country to deliver the goods. Trucks have also played a vital role in replenishing the necessities during the...

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