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Traumatic Truck Accident: causes and aftermath

Overspeeding, aggressive driving, and passing slower moving vehicles are major contributors to truck collisions. Trucks cannot navigate or stop like automobiles because of how much heavier they are than vehicles. #truckaccident #truckaccidentaccident #truckaccidentattorney

How Badly an Aggravated DUI Could Toll Your Life?

A first-time DUI offence can result in up to six months in county jail. This is extremely rare, if at all. Instead of a jail sentence, the court will sentence the offender to unsupervised probation. The probation term for most first-time DUI offenders is three years. #aggravateddui #duiattorney #duifelony #aggravatedduioffense

Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Insight: Top Causes of Accidents

Trucks are the backbone of the logistics management of any land-locked place. Making things available at every place is the moral obligation of the trucking industry. Trucks are one of the multiple ways a society controls inflation with regular and timely supply.

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