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When Should You File a Class-Action Lawsuit?

Overview The saying “United we stand, divided we fall” suits well a class-action lawsuit. A class-action lawsuit is often filed by one or more plaintiffs on behalf of a group of people who are injured or affected by the action of the same individual or manufacturer or...

Opioid Lawsuits: Is it high time to bridle the opioid crisis?

Overview Do you know? there have been more than 3,000 opioid lawsuits filed in the United States now. Since the opioid overdose had claimed more than a million lives in the U.S alone, there arose a necessity for opioid litigations to bridle the opioid crisis that’s...

Can toxic hand sanitizer fatalities be claimed under product liability?

Overview “Clean communities, healthy citizens,” the saying is relevant as the ongoing pandemic has taught the entire world the importance of cleanliness. Spooked by the uncertain future, most Americans amassed as many face masks, hand sanitizers, soaps, and other...

Faulty exercise equipment in Gym: Can you sue?

Overview: The expression "A healthy mind in a healthy body" highlights the necessity of maintaining physical fitness. Exercising is an important aspect of most people's lives in the United States. Americans who are health-conscious spend a lot of time at gyms. To make...
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