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Bursitis in the Knee Joint: Experts’ Top 7 Advice

Overview Bursitis in joint is a kind of inflammation emerging in the bursae. Sporadically, bursitis in joint occurs due to the repetitive motion or injury in the bursae joints. Bursitis can directly have the impact on the bursae. Bursitis in joint produces...

Chiropractic Massage Therapy: Facts and Figures on Benefits and Techniques

Overview Do you experience pain and discomfort? Have all of your conventional therapies failed to provide relief? If yes, then opt for chiropractic massage therapy and feel the difference. Chiropractic care outperforms yoga, physical therapy, osteopathy, and other...

Herniated lumbar disc- know how your lumbar spine is in jeopardy

Overview Do you have lower back pain? You are not alone. More than 65 million Americans have lower back pain, making them spend over $10 billion per annum. The NCBI had noted low back pain as the second most common cause, making people lose 149 million workdays every...

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