Birth Injuries

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Birth Injury – What You Need to Know about This Mamma’s Nightmare

Overview Becoming a mother…Bringing a new life into this world, the most exciting as well as terrifying experience a woman would have in her life. A moment when all her hardships prove to be worthwhile. Approximately 90% of childbirths in the United States are made...

Kernicterus Lawsuit Echoes Birth Injury Concerns

Parents feel joy when they cradle their newborns, filled with dreams and hope for the future. Imagine if the dreams collapsed due to a medical condition that could have been prevented! Newborn jaundice is a common condition, affecting approximately 60% of babies...

Effective Treatments for Cerebral Palsy- Can they Help?

All people are unique. Cerebral palsy does not make the affected people different; it’s the people’s perception of them that makes the difference. Their struggle to reach whatever they have achieved is incomparable. Though their condition can’t be reversed, the...

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