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Types of Medical Errors: Facts and Figures Unveiled

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein. It is quite natural for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to commit errors. But when your physician does a mistake, it could even cost your life. Every decision and action of a medical...

How does medical malpractice law shield a surgical error?

Overview A surgical procedure, let it be a minor one, or a major one, is always a daunting journey for us. Though surgeries have become less complicated with medical advancements, anesthesia, cuts, bleeds, and pain still leave us in stress. Adding up to the anxiety,...

Birth Injury – What You Need to Know about This Mamma’s Nightmare

Overview Becoming a mother…Bringing a new life into this world, the most exciting as well as terrifying experience a woman would have in her life. A moment when all her hardships prove to be worthwhile. Approximately 90% of childbirths in the United States are made...

Where Are We in the Vaccine Injury Race?

Overview Epidemics and pandemics have always been squeezing the world from time to time. Especially the disadvantaged and immunocompromised populations. Thanks a bunch to Edward Jenner, the modern age of vaccines began in 1796. Vaccination is the administration of a...