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Scissor Lift Accidents: The Silent Killers in Construction

Just Imagine! Can a machine designed for efficiency and utility suddenly turn into a machine of disaster? That's what happened in the unexpected event of scissor lift accidents. From large-scale construction sites to small workplaces, scissor lifts serve as silent...

Hip Labral Tear Settlement: The Claiming Process

Did you know? During regular activities like walking, a healthy hip carries nearly five times a person's body weight. In this blog, we would be discussing on labral tear of the hip and the hip labral tear settlement in an injury claim. Let's get started with the hip...

Needle Stick Injury Lawsuit : How to claim?

What is a needle stick injury? Needle stick injury is not just the pricking pain or the wound caused by a needle. There's more to it than that. By definition, needle stick injuries are wounds caused by hypodermic needles or sharp medical devices accidentally...

Know Why Medical Documentation Is the Need of the Hour

Here is a riddle for you. I am not your parent or guardian. I am not your caregiver. But I have all the details about your health. I will travel with you throughout your life. Who am I? Can you figure out the answer? The medical record is the answer. Medical...