Kernicterus Lawsuit Echoes Birth Injury Concerns

Parents feel joy when they cradle their newborns, filled with dreams and hope for the future. Imagine if the dreams collapsed due to a medical condition that could have been prevented! Newborn jaundice is a common condition, affecting approximately 60% of babies...

Pressure Ulcers and Bedsore Lawsuits: Unravel the Complexities

When you hear the word pressure ulcers, or see the bedsores images, you will be startled as they are ghastly and make you look away. Every year, approximately 2.5 million Americans encounter mild to severe pressure ulcers. These recurrent skin lesions can sneak up on...

EMT Negligence- Can You Sue for Negligence in EMS?

What could be the "golden hour" in your life? Unfortunately, if you get into a motor vehicle crash, the first hour following a collision is referred to as the "golden hour." As per medical professionals, when an accident victim receives medical attention within 60...

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