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Band-Aid Lawsuits: Exploring the Issue over Adhesive Bandages

When we were kids, we all got scrapes and cuts from falling down. To help them heal faster, we put Band-Aids on them. We trusted these Band-Aids for our faster recovery. But what if those Band-Aids had something harmful in them? What if they weren't as safe as we...

Gerber Baby Food Lawsuit- When Baby Food Becomes Poison

Watching your baby eat is the best thing in the world. You make sure that everything your lil munchkin eats is healthy. What if you get to know it is not just unhealthy but dangerous? I am sure it will leave you on pins and needles. Let's get to know the story of...

Megadyne Pad Recall: FDA Class I Alert for Pediatric Safety

Has your child been injured during surgery? Is it due to the Megadyne Mega Soft Pediatric Electrode? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a Class 1 recall on Megadyne’s Mega Soft Pediatric Patient Return Electrodes, the most serious type of recall...

Trulicity Lawsuit Looms: Understanding Gastroparesis Risks

Did you suffer from excess weight? Did you take the weight-loss drug Trulicity? Recently, Trulicity has gained attention as a popular weight loss drug. Trulicity is meant to help with type 2 diabetes by boosting insulin production. But it's also been popular for...