Forging vaccination cards: How illegal it is?

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Forging vaccination cards is one of the burning issues in the US. As the proverb goes, even the dead wakes up for money, cash king people are unaware of the fact that a fool and the money are soon departed.’ They amass wealth at the cost of, maybe, peoples’ vulnerability or volition. Forging COVID-19 vaccination cards are common news in the USA.

NY nurses forging vaccination cards have two sides. Though, I don’t undermine the harm caused to the reputation of the US government and the people’s trust. There are a lot of legal implications for forging vaccination cards. Forging vaccination cards’ violator can be found guilty for one count of forgery 2nd-degree offense or offering a false instrument for filing 1st-degree offense. It can be also felony forgery on COVID-19 vaccination cards.

The degree of punishment purely depends on the jury’s motion against the degree of crime committed against the medical-legal system in the US. I shall give you proper pieces of evidence with forging COVID vaccination cards example. Read on to know more about -whether forging vaccination cards are illegal or system-made illicit implications for the sake of the wider public.

What is a vaccination card in the US?

People flock to get vaccination cards in the USA. By the way, a vaccination card is a thin white card where the personal information of the individual is inscribed. Vaccination cards include the unique vaccine you received, the date you received the vaccine shots, and the place where you received them. Vaccination cards in the US help people to move freely in public.

Why do people flock to receive vaccination cards in the US?

There is a common phenomenon that anyone with a vaccine card moves freely in the public forum. Places like schools, hotels, clubs, the military, local governments, and most public venues demand vaccine cards after the outbreak of Omicron in the USA. The non-vaccinated cardholders cannot have entry into public places, so people in the US look for fake vaccination cards.

Is forging vaccination cards a serious offense?

Forging undoubtedly describes the fraudulent means of imitating genuine practice. It rather means forging vaccination cards is a serious offense. There may be a long-sought question arising from the general public – if the imitation is genuine to the original practice, how can it be a federal offense? The question is valid but forging vaccination cards have severe ramifications and underpinnings to harm the public interest and, as a whole, even the strength of the federal healthcare system and the US economy.

Legal obligations and ethical implications on forging vaccination cards

The end cannot justify the means. The means need to be vindicative of the end. For instance, the general public may have anxiety and mental distress about the vaccines’ performance in the structural and functional unit of any living organism in the human body. The fear complex about the worrisome future leads them to opt for fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Many states in the US have the right to protect themselves from impending harm. Certain states like Wyoming, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arizona, California, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, and Kansas have given state law assent to protect self from ‘presumption of fear.’ The paradox has these self-protecting laws in the US, and there are also laws on fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. Federal law states that one who emails and asks for fake COVID-19 vaccination cards can be punishable with $750,000 and 60 years of imprisonment for mail and wire fraud. This is a serious concern to be discussed in the wider forum. A legally demanding question can make everyone think on the same line. I have an intense fear about COVID-19 vaccination, whereby I have opted for a vaccination card. Here comes the lesser evil in ethics as the primordial custodian to support the US vaccination policy.

The lesser evil concept in ethics is that while choosing two immoral options, one needs to determine which is lesser immoral among them. For instance, a Vaccination card is mandatory in the USA to enter schools and the military. If one goes with fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and transfers the new variant called omicron to other individuals in military services or schools can be lethal to the developed country. Here comes the lesser evil concept in ethics to give supportive hands to the federal healthcare system in the USA.

Forging vaccination cards example

Ever since the outbreak of the great pandemic: COVID-19, there have been numerous cases of forging vaccination cards in the USA. Amidst forging COVID-19 vaccination cards, nurses forging vaccination cards are breaking the internet and news channels in the United States of America. Let me help you with trending and live news on 2 New York nurses who allegedly made $1.5 million off fake vaccination cards. The brief about the forging vaccination cards example is that the 2 New York nurses are named to be Julie DeVuono, the owner of wild child pediatric healthcare in Amityville, and her employee Marissa Urraro.

Both nurses are charged with felony forgery. The felony forgery is not to protect themselves but to provide fake COVID vaccination cards to earn millions. Another allegation by the prosecutors is that the long island nurses Julie Devuono and Marissa Urraro forged COVID vaccine cards and entered information into a state database. The allegation is valid since they were not providing vaccines but giving away fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. The mere act of forging COVID vaccination cards and entering info into state databases can land them in prison for years with a heavy penalty. These situations can alleviate the trust in the federal health care system and even the medical professionals in the USA.

Legal bindings on forging vaccination cards example

Suffolk county police department has done the proper investigation on the 2 New York nurses and published it on their Facebook page. Julie Devuono and Marissa Urraro are charged with ‘one count of forgery 2nd degree and an additional count of offering a false instrument for filing 1st degree.’

  • One count of forgery second degree in New York

One count of forgery second degree is explained in the New York penal law section 170:10. “A written instrument which is or purports to be or which is calculated to become or to represent if complicated, … a prescription of a duly licensed physician or other person authorized to issue the same for any drug or any instrument or device used in the taking or administering of drugs for which a prescription is required by law.” The penalty for second-degree forgery comes under class-D nonviolent felony. So, the penalty can be two years to 7 years of imprisonment. We can make strict assumptions within the purview of federal law. However, we need to wait and watch for the 2 New York nurses forging vaccination cards’ verdicts from the jury.

  • A false instrument for filing first degree in New York

The false instrument for filing first-degree in New York penal law is 175:35. Article 175 in the New York penal code must be immediately alerted. The article gives certain elements on defrauding and counterfeiting to be charged with imprisonment. It points out that any written letter or documentation produced to the public with the intention to defraud must be charged with imprisonment and penalty. If the fraud is committed for the first time, the jury will decide on imprisonment or penalty alone. The gravity of the verdict depends on the uproar or the harm, as has the forging of vaccination cards created in public, especially on the 2 New York nurses. Kindly stay tuned for the update on the jury verdict to be invoked.


Repeated occurrence of forging vaccination cards in the US

Unlike the European Union, every state in the USA does not have the digital management of COVID vaccination cards. Authorized health care professionals used to provide to people manually. The detail remains in the vaccine card, not digital; therefore, the private players knowing the mind of the people at large to earn money, provide fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

There is also a situation that the US government has made mandatory for teens and children. They could no longer enjoy the privilege without the COVID-19 vaccination cards. Many parents, too, in the USA are not willing to get their children vaccinated. All these reasons provoke them to look for fake COVID-19 vaccination card providers. Since there are many players in the US market, it eases them with fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to have the desired access to the public with no fear of rejection. It is a two-way platform. The general public gets the desired result for any entry, along with nurses forging vaccination cards get millions for the fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

Public interest in forging vaccination cards

The news channels in the US and the scholars fail to comment on the public interest in forging vaccination cards. Can there be curd without milk? Cause and effect theory tells us that effect cannot exist without the cause. Here, the nurses forging vaccination cards or forging COVID-19 vaccination cards purely depending on the cause called the US general public who has received fake COVID-19 vaccination cards volitionally. The effect is only the outcome of the cause. Every US lawmaker needs to think before giving a verdict on allegedly forging vaccination cards and who is the cause for the effect.

Special Olympics 2022 Drops Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

The Special Olympics which commenced on June 5, 2022, in Orlando, Florida, had a mandatory Covid-19 vaccination requirement for its participating athletes. It was announced earlier that the athletes should provide vaccination details to be considered eligible for the games.

On June 2, 2022, the Florida Health Department notified the Special Olympics that they would be fined $27.5 million for requiring proof of COVID vaccination for attendees or participants. As per the letter, “Section 381.00316(1) Florida Statutes, prohibits a business entity, which includes a charitable organization, from requiring any patron or customer certifying Covid-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business entity.”

On June 3, 2022, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the withdrawal of the mandatory vaccine requirement by the Special Olympics. Going through his words, “In Florida, we want all of them to be able to compete. We do not think it’s fair or just to be marginalizing some of these athletes based on a decision that has no bearing on their ability to compete with honor or integrity.”


Nobody can make the wrong right. According to US federal law, forging vaccination cards is wrong, so it is a punishable offense. It is even more severe when it comes to the welfare of the larger community in the US. For instance, a couple trusting the US healthcare system decides to go for Moderna inoculation from a reputed hospital. The couple received the placebo injection instead of the Moderna inoculation, after which the fake COVID-19 vaccination cards were received. The couple intends that receive the COVID-19 vaccine along with the vaccination cards. They may be asymptomatic COVID-19-positive carriers. They can have free entry since they possess vaccination cards. Their presence in shopping complexes, professional workplaces, and other public gathering locations can be fast spread COVID-19. A fault can create a stir in the entire state and even the country as a whole. This is one way of looking at forging vaccination cards in the USA.

Stay tuned for the new update on the nurses forging vaccination cards & fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

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