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Know Why Medical Documentation Is the Need of the Hour

Here is a riddle for you. I am not your parent or guardian. I am not your caregiver. But I have all the details about your health. I will travel with you throughout your life. Who am I? Can you figure out the answer? The medical record is the answer. Medical...

Catastrophic Injury Lawsuits: How to Sue the Negligent?

What if a mishap changes your fate and leaves you with life-changing injuries? Such injuries that leave an individual in permanent pain and suffering are called catastrophic injuries. This blog would take you in depth to catastrophic injury lawsuits. What are...

Disability Benefits in the United States: A boon to the Disabled

Overview Did you know? Before hitting the retirement age, nearly a quarter of working Folks in the US would be disabled. When everything is going smooth, an illness, a road accident or a workplace injury may turn an individual’s life upside down. Things may go out of...

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