Top 8 Chiropractic Massage Therapy Techniques & Benefits

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Do you experience pain and discomfort? Have all of your home therapies failed to provide relief? If yes, then opt for chiropractic massage therapy and feel the difference. Chiropractic care outperforms yoga, physical therapy, osteopathy, and other types of therapies. The advantages of chiropractic therapy are numerous and can astound you if you become acquainted with them. This blog lays out the facts and figures about the most effective non-drug therapy.

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), more than 35 million Americans receive chiropractic care every year. Three-fourths of those who received chiropractic massages found it more effective. According to research on chiropractic massage therapy statistics, approximately 94 percent of the people experienced 30 percent pain relief, compared to 54 percent of those who received medical care.

The majority of Americans prefer chiropractors and massage therapy over other types of medical care. Chiropractic manipulations were recognized as one of the best non-drug treatments in 2015 by the Joint Commission (which accredits many healthcare systems in the United States). In the event of an injury, giving chiropractic care priority can save you up to 60% of your hospital visits and reduce the chances of undergoing surgery by 28 times.

What is chiropractic massage therapy?

Chiropractic massage is a treatment that combines massages with comprehensive chiropractic manipulations. To achieve the desired results, a chiropractor combines chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy. Chiropractic care relieves musculoskeletal pain.

Massage therapy relieves muscle tension and stiffness near the joints and spine when the manipulation focuses on joint and spine adjustments. Don’t think that chiropractic massage can be only beneficial to the body. It can also improve your mental health.

Chiropractor Vs Massage Therapist

Can chiropractors give massages?/ Do chiropractors do massage therapy? Of course, like physical therapists and massage therapists, chiropractors do massages for patients.

Do you know, what’s the difference between a massage therapist and chiropractor treatments? The main difference between massage and chiropractic manipulations is that massage concentrates more on the muscles, but chiropractic therapy concentrates more on the joints.

Physical therapy and chiropractic massage therapy both aim to alleviate pain, stiffness, and mobility issues. Both are carried out by qualified professionals who are certified in their respective fields. The main deifference between massage and chiropractic care is physical therapy focuses on body functions through exercises and massages, whereas chiropractic therapy focuses on spine-related issues such as neck and back pain, headaches, pain in the limbs and joints, and connective tissues.

Physical therapy can be performed in a variety of settings, including home, school, and clinics. To perform manipulations and massages, the chiropractor requires specialized space and equipment. When a physical therapist performs stretches and manipulations to improve body mobility, a chiropractor performs adjustments to assist injured body parts in healing on their own.

Benefits of Chiropractic Massage

Various techniques used in chiropractor massages can benefit patients in a variety of ways. Let’s see the benefits of chiropractic and massage in detail here.

  • Reduces opioid usage: Chiropractic therapies can help with chronic pain as well. As a result, people suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer or spine-related issues can reduce their opioid intake. People who use opioids for an extended period of time become addicted to them. Reducing the frequency with which opioids are consumed will aid in the prevention of opioid addiction.
  • Symptoms of osteoarthritis: When people age, their bones wear and tear as well. Arthritis can deteriorate bone health, leading to fractures and pain. Chiropractic care can provide relief from such pains while also promoting bone health.
  • Chronic back pains: When vertebral discs dry out and weaken, they may herniate and compress the spinal cord. The disc herniation compresses the nerves and gives out radiating pain to the back and limbs. These chronic back pains cannot be relieved easily. Chiropractic back massage therapy works well in the back in relieving pain.
  • Reduces the chances of invasive surgeries: Pain medications and surgery are not needed for every disease. Non-drug therapies like physical therapy and chiropractic massage therapy should be given as options for patients firsthand. Most spine-related issues, musculoskeletal disorders, soft tissue injuries, and ligament injuries can be effectively treated with chiropractic therapies. It will reduce 40% the chances of undergoing surgery.
  • Headaches: As you know, most headaches are tension-related. Chiropractic massage therapy releases the tension in the body and mind and helps in relieving even chronic headaches and migraines.
  • Improvise posture: Spinal adjustments can be used to treat spinal abnormalities such as scoliosis, hyperkyphosis, hyperlordosis, and lumbar lordosis straightening. The chiropractic massage therapist uses chiropractic massages on the spine and muscles to correct spinal posture. Chiropractic muscle therapy helps relieve muscle tension and improve mobility.
  • Improves mental health: It is estimated that over 40 million American citizens are suffering from one or more psychological issues such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Chiropractic manipulations increase the secretion of hormones such as neurotensin, oxytocin, and cortisol, which improve nerve function. Chiropractic massage therapy relaxes the body and mind while also promoting sleep.
  • Prevents the aggravation of injuries: To avoid the future aggravation of injuries, chiropractic therapists recommend at-home exercise programs. People can avoid further injuries by changing their unhealthy lifestyle, using braces, supports, or therapeutic footwear, correcting their postures, and eating a healthy diet.
  • Decreases inflammation: Spinal manipulations and therapies can stretch and relax the spine while also reducing inflammation. Chiropractic therapy addresses the underlying causes of inflammation while also improving immune system function.
  • Relaxes muscles around the rib cage: Chiropractic massage therapy is used to alleviate asthma symptoms. Even a thoracic spine misalignment can constrict the ribcage and prevent the lungs from working to their full capacity. Chiropractic massage therapy to the thoracic region can work on the nerves that connect the lungs and the bronchial tubes. It relaxes the ribcage muscles, allowing the lungs to expand fully.

Chiropractic Massage Techniques

The beneficial massage facts make chiropractic therapy special. Chiropractic massages are meant to give relaxation to the muscles as well as the mind. From curing chronic illness to muscle spasms, chiropractic therapy can do magic in healing ailments. Let’s delve into the details of different kinds of chiropractic techniques therapists follow to make your body and mind feel like heaven.


1. Reflexology

It’s a type of therapy in which a therapist applies pressure to reflex points in the feet and hands to relieve pain and relax the body’s various parts. Do you want to know how to relieve back pain by massaging your feet? Every part of our body has nerve endings in the feet. You can achieve relief and relaxation in the affected organ or body part by applying pressure to those specific nerve ends. Massage the area near the heel, for example, to relax the low back and intestines. You can treat liver and kidney problems by focusing on pressure points on the arch of the foot.

It is used to treat symptoms like

  • Insomnia
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Sports injuries
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Sclerosis
  • Back pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Tension, headaches, and migraines

2. Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is used to relieve head and spine compression. This type of therapy aids in the removal of blockages in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the nervous system and increases the nervous system’s ability to heal itself.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is used to treat symptoms such as

  • Scoliosis
  • Neck pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sinus infections
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Insomnia, whiplash
  • Digestive disorders in children

3. Myofascial Release

This type of therapy is used to relieve the pain and discomfort in myofascial tissues. Pressure on the sensitive spots in the muscles generates pain in unrelated body parts in Myofascial pain syndrome. This syndrome is common after a series of injuries or overuse injuries. The therapist can relieve pain and reinstate motion in the body parts by applying mild pressure on the myofascial tissue joints. Joint chiropractic massage also can improve circulation and range of motion and release tension and soreness in the muscle.

Myofascial release therapy is used to treat symptoms in body parts like

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Head
  • Lower back
  • Hips
  • Feet and so on

4. Hot Stone Massage

Originating in China more than 2000 years ago, this technique uses flat stones made of a type of volcanic rock called basalt rocks. The therapists will effortlessly give deeper massages with the heated basalt rocks without causing any discomfort. When these smooth rocks are heated up to 145o F, they retain the heat for a longer time to give a more healing effect.  The hot stone will be placed along the spine, face, stomach, feet, palms, etc.

Hot stone therapy will be beneficial to

  • Muscle stress and pain
  • Anxiety
  • Provides sleep
  • Decrease cancer symptoms
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Provides flexibility
  • Enhances blood circulation

5. Cupping

Cupping is an ancient massage technique used by the Egyptians, Chinese, and many others, using different types of cups to treat ailments. The cups made of metal, glass, silicon, or earthenware are used to create suction between the skin and the cup. Some herbs will be placed in the cup and burned. Once it extinguishes, the cup will be placed on the area of pain. Once the hot air cools, the vacuum sucks the skin inside the cup. The cup will be placed for 2 to 3 minutes to give relief.

Cupping massage therapy is used to contribute

  • Pain relief
  • Blood circulation
  • Flexibility
  • Stress reduction
  • Detoxes
  • Hormone balancing
  • Asthma

6. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is used to treat lymphedema, which means swelling. When the lymph fluid accumulates in the soft tissues after injuries, surgeries, treatments for cancer, or even due to genetic disorders, lymphedema occurs. Various massage techniques like the Vodder technique, Foldi technique, Casey-Smith technique, or Leduc technique. Mild massages will be used to improve the flexibility of the skin.

Lymphatic drainage massage is used to treat

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lymphedema after cancer surgery

7. Graston Therapy

 This is a type of manual therapy performed on soft tissues with the aid of equipment to treat back pain. In the case of soft tissue injuries such as ligament, tendon, fascia, or muscle damage, the chiropractor will use equipment to break down the scar tissue. They will attempt to stretch the connective tissues in order to restore muscle function.

It helps in the reduction of

  • Treatment time
  • Recuperation time
  • Symptoms of chronic ailments
  • Need for anti-inflammatory medicines

8. Swedish Massage

As the name suggests, this gentle massage was developed in Sweden. The chiropractor with massage therapy will gently give long strokes of massages toward the direction of the heart to improve blood circulation. This massage is mainly done to relax the muscles all over the body.

Final thoughts

Chiropractic massage therapy is extremely effective in treating nervous and musculoskeletal disorders. When manipulations and massage techniques are combined, they have a significant effect. Chiropractors massage with a variety of strokes, including light strokes, deep strokes, rubbing, kneading, circular motion, patting and shaking. Chiropractic therapy is the most sought-after healthcare profession because it employs non-drug therapies and has long-term effects if initiated early.

Do I need a chiropractor or massage therapist?- is an important questing ringing in the mind of an individual involved in a minor car accident or fall incident. Knowing – what’s the difference between chiropractor and massage therapist- can help you choose the best suited one for you.

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