Crecelac & Farmalac Infant Formula Recalls Panic New Parents

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In a shocking turn of events, Dairy Manufacturers Inc., has voluntarily recalled all lots of Crecelac and Farmalac infant formulas, sold in the U.S. This recall was initiated after it was discovered that these products were being sold without necessary FDA approval. Like adding fuel to fire, there comes an alert from the FDA on possible Cronobacter bacterial contamination from the products, sparking wide concern among many new parents.

Through this blog, we delve into the reason for the Crecelac and Farmalac infant formula recalls and options for baby formula lawsuits.

Crecelac & Farmalac Infant Formula Recalls

The recall notice issued on May 24, 2024 itself has created a wave of panic and anxiety among the parents, who have been using Crecelac & Farmalac Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula to nourish their infants. Many parents heavily rely on these types of infant formulas, trusting that they meet the stringent safety and nutritional standards set by the FDA. The revelation that these formulas lack such approval has led to a significant breach of trust.

The Texas-based Dairy Manufacturers Inc. had not submitted the premarket information on the safety and nutritional values of the infant formula. The Dairy Manufacturers Inc., manufactures these infant formula products at D.M. Mexicana Sa De Cv in Monterey, Mexico, and imports and distributes them across the U.S.

The baby formula recall was initiated after a notification from the FDA on the same.

As per the report on the US News, the recalled brands were as listed below:

  • CRECELAC INFANT Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula with Iron 0 to 12 months – Net Wt. 12.4 oz (352g)
  • Farmalac BABY Powdered Infant Formula with Iron 0 to 12 months Net Wt. 12.4 oz (352g)
  • Farmalac BABY Powdered Infant Formula with Iron Low Lactose 0 to 12 months Net Wt. 12.4 oz (352g)

The company claims that there have been no reports of illness linked to Crecelac & Farmalac Infant Formulas so far. However, the parents are worried about the long-standing effects of these unapproved formulas on their infants’ health and development.

The FDA Alert on Cronobacter Contamination

In an investigation conducted on a sample Crecelac Infant Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula collected from a Texas retail store revealed the presence of Cronobacter. This revelation has prompted the FDA to issue a safety alert to the parents and caregivers on the use of these defective infant formulas on May 29, 2024.

The FDA has requested the consumers of the infant formula to consult with their physician, in case of any symptoms related to Cronobacter seen on their infants.

Followed by the FDA alert, the Dairy Manufacturers Inc., announced an expansion of the recall on June 3, 2024.

The consumers were asked to discontinue the use of these products and return the product for a full refund at the place of purchase.


The FDA informed that it has taken steps to work with Dairy Manufacturer Inc. and its distributors to ensure safe and complete recall of the defective products.

What is Cronobacter contamination?

Cronobacter sakazakii is a kind of bacteria that can live in dry food items like herbal teas, starchy products, powdered infant formulas, and so on.

Though Cronobacter infections are rare as only 2 to 4 cases reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) annually, the number may vary as most of such cases are not needed to be reported to the health departments.

Cronobactor can cause deadly bloodstream infections and central nervous system infections, such as sepsis and meningitis.

Why is Cronobacter contamination dangerous? Cronobacter contamination can easily affect the newborns and elderly as they have weaker immune systems. It can turn out to be life-threatening to the weak.

The symptoms of Cronobacter contamination include fever, poor feeding, irritability and excessive crying, seizures and fatigue. According to the CDC, Cronobacter infection can also lead to brain abscesses, developmental delays, issues in motor developments and even death.

Is Cronobacter contamination, new?

Definitely not! Several infant formula manufacturers had recalled their products due to Cronobacter contamination in the past. In February 2023, Reckitt initiated a recall of 145,000 cans of Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula for the same reason. In March 2023, Perrigo too recalled several batches of Gerber’s Good Start Infant Formula for Cronobacter risk. Manufacturer Abbott had even closed a plant after two infants died due to Cronobacter infection.

Company’s Response

In response to the recall-related fuss and the FDA alerts, the Dairy Manufacturers Inc. has announced that they have taken several immediate actions to address the situation and restore the consumer confidence. They also added that they are “taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety, quality, and compliance” of their infant formula products.

What Parents Can Do?

In the light of the recall, the parents are urged to take the following steps:

Check their infant formulas: Verify if their Crecelac & Farmalac Infant Formulas they have bought are part of the recall batches.

Consult the healthcare provider: If their infants have consumed the recalled formula, parents should consult their pediatrician for guidance and monitoring their babies for symptoms of Cronobacter infection.

Return the recalled products: Follow the instructions provided by the firm to return the recalled formulas for a full refund.

Stay informed: Keep yourselves updated with the information from the FDA and Dairy Manufacturers Inc. regarding the recall and further developments.

What Legal Options Do You Have?

If your infants experience adverse symptoms after being fed with the defective formulas, contact healthcare providers first to ensure the safety of your kids. Next, contact an experienced legal professional who has a strong track record of handling baby formula lawsuits in the recent past to steer your claim forward.

Keep the defective product, purchase bills, hospital records of the infant for Cronobacter treatment and the proof for medical expenses to fortify your infant formula claim.

Take action on time to protect your baby from harm and save the future citizens of America.

In conclusion, the Crecelac and Farmalac recalls serves as a crucial reminder of the significance of regulatory oversight in the manufacturing and distribution of infant formulas. It also stresses on the need for parents to be vigilant and informed on the products they choose for their babies.

When manufacturers fail to comply with the regulatory bodies while producing products for the most vulnerable members of the society, it’s the responsibility of the parents and legal professionals to ensure justice for the victims through infant formula lawsuits.

Keep in touch with us to know the latest Crecelac and Farmalac baby formula lawsuit updates 2024.

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