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Can you sue for a hospital-acquired infection?

Overview People throng hospitals in the hopes of overcoming their infections and ailments and regaining their health. What if they contract infections and diseases from healthcare facilities? If hospitals became breeding places for infections, patients would undergo...

Pressure Ulcers and Bedsore Lawsuits: Unravel the Complexities

When you hear the word pressure ulcers, or see the bedsores images, you will be startled as they are ghastly and make you look away. Every year, approximately 2.5 million Americans encounter mild to severe pressure ulcers. These recurrent skin lesions can sneak up on...

How a Medication Error Could Spin Your Life Upside Down

Overview To err is human. What if your physician did it by prescribing you the wrong medication? If fortunate enough, you may escape. But it may even snatch your life. Medication error is not just a mistake in prescription. In legal terms, it’s medical malpractice....

da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuit- When Robots Err

“Science can amuse and amaze us all, but engineering is what transforms the world”, as Isaac Asimov noted in I, Robot. Imagine a scenario where human ability meets robotic elegance. What was once thought to be a fantasy is now being used in operating rooms all over...