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Running Red Lights- Dump Truck Accidents Escalate in Florida

Dump Trucks Running Red Lights Cause SW Florida Accidents - Motorists obeying green lights usually have no time to react when a dump truck runs a red light. It only takes a few seconds of carelessness for a serious accident to happen.

Lawyer for Wrongful Death: Advocating Disabled Care

Peter Mifflin, a lawyer for wrongful death who fought for the autistic boy, says, “…in the state of Utah, someone who leaves a dog in the back of a car is charged immediately for animal cruelty without blinking, and that exact same conduct with regard to a human being...

Drive While Intoxicated- NW Harris County Pedestrian Killed

A pedestrian was killed in Northwest Harris County, Houston, on July 24, 2022. Drive while intoxicated (DWI) was suspected to be the cause of the fatal crash. It proves that the roads of Houston and Harris County are not for pedestrians to tread on. Is pedestrian...

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