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Dicamba lawsuit: Is it harmful to people?

Bayer is confronting a massive influx of herbicide lawsuits—but this time, it's not over Monsanto's Roundup. The herbicide Dicamba is the most widely used component in many weed-killer products in the United States. It has now become another multibillion-dollar...

Zinus Mattress Lawsuit: Can Fiberglass Make You Sleepless?

A good night’s sleep is what a tired body needs at the end of the day. Undisturbed sleep in a comfy mattress satisfies everyone. What if your mattress becomes a health hazard and rob you of sleep? – A distressing situation it will be. This blog analyzes the growing...

Tasigna Lawsuits: Accusations Against Novartis

We all anticipate that when a doctor recommends a drug for us, it will improve our health rather than cause any damage. Such was the situation with the leukemia therapy medication Tasigna. The producer of this medication failed to inform doctors and their patients of...

Port Catheter Lawsuit: Exposing the Implanted Port Issues

Are you aware of a port catheter lawsuit? Or maybe you're just trying to figure out what this lawsuit is all about? Anyway, this blog will guide you through the port catheter problems and recalls, as well as the port catheter lawsuits. Whether you're a patient turned...