Golf Cart Accidents: An Emerging Number of Victims

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Golf carts are one of the main attractions on the golf course and campgrounds. They offer a convenient and rapid means of transportation. Unfortunately, golf cart injuries and accidents happen more frequently than you think. These accidents results in economic and non-economic injuries.

In golf cart accidents, it’s critical to determine who is at fault and hold them accountable for their irresponsibility, just as in auto accidents. Several different kinds of compensation might be available if you were hurt in golf cart mishaps.

What is a Golf Cart?

An electric or gas-powered golf cart is a vehicle used to move golfers and their equipment around the course while playing. The golf carts provide a wide range of unique security and comfort features designed to meet golfers’ needs. Most of the teenagers like to ride golf carts due to their convenience and ease of operation.

Golf carts typically feature a plastic body and have no doors, sidewalls, bumpers, airbags, or seatbelts. Oddly, there is no licensing requirement for driving one, given that they are frequently driven at high speeds through rugged terrain.

Several golf carts have been modified beyond what they were originally intended to achieve to be faster and riskier than those rolling off the line. Are golf carts dangerous? About one-third of all golf cart accidents and injuries involve teenagers and kids.

Golf cart injury statistics

Usually, 2-4 people can ride in a golf cart. Although not equipped with seatbelts, they may travel at a modest pace. Over 11% of golf cart crashes result in head or neck injuries. Rollovers Occur in 10% of golf cart accidents.

How many golf cart injuries per year?

Approximately 15,000 emergency department visits a year are brought on by golf carts, some of which result in fatalities. According to a study, the number of golf cart-related injuries among children and teenagers has climbed to more than 6,500 annually.

Ways to Get Injured in Golf Cart

Golf carts are more widely used, which increases the chance of getting hurt in an accident. Due to its lack of safety measures compared to other vehicles, golf cart crashes typically result in much more injuries.

  • Overloaded Golf Carts: Do you know what is the weight limit on a golf cart? Golf carts have a weight-carrying capability that can range from 450 to 800 pounds. In general, a golf cart can safely hold two to three people, but if it contains more, it is dangerous to topple over and cause an accident. Golf accidents can cause catastrophic injuries because it is difficult to control a loaded golf cart.
  • Driving Under the Influence: A golf cart is a motorized vehicle; thus, the chance of an accident rises if the driver is intoxicated or has drugs in their system, just as with any other motorized vehicle. A golf cart driver who is intoxicated has the potential to harm or kill himself seriously, his passengers, or bystanders.
  • Distracted Driving: Inattentive driving contributes to hundreds of fatal auto accidents every year. Golf car accidents may occur when drivers are preoccupied with activities inside or outside the cart, such as texting, eating, or talking to other occupants. Golf carts are significantly smaller than automobiles and move at a slower rate of speed, but that doesn’t make using a phone while driving any less hazardous.
  • Sharp Turns: A passenger might be thrown off a golf cart by reckless driving or even an accelerated U-turn, which could cause road rash and physical damage. The driver should make turns cautiously and carefully. Due to the propensity of golf carts to topple over, turns should be made at prolonged speeds.
  • Driving over hazardous terrain: Off-roading is not intended for golf carts. Keep to the paved and cart-friendly pathways. We were going over terrain that a golf cart shouldn’t be forced on puts you and the passengers in your cart at risk. In the same way, we can trip and fall on an unmaintained sidewalk, ground, or surface, and so can our golf carts. Carts may run into cracks in the pavement, protruding curbs, or holes in the background.
  • Weather conditions: Weather conditions can significantly impact golf cart accidents. Unfortunately, weather-related incidents can cause fatalities and severe physical injuries. Damp pavement or wet roads typically cause numerous accidents during rainy weather.
  • Negligence: Driving with negligence is defined as operating a vehicle irresponsibly, such as speeding, making unsafe turns, or running a car while intoxicated. Driving carelessness means going too fast or dangerously using the vehicle. Golf carts are occasionally taken for granted by drivers of passenger cars, and their disregard can result in collisions. These are the ways to get injured in a golf cart vehicle.


What Are the Common Injuries from Golf Cart Accidents?

Golf cart accidents most frequently result in soft tissue injuries, although they can also result in fractures, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and other ailments. Soft tissue damage appears to be mild harm in comparison.

Soft tissue injuries can impair mobility in the long run and change golf cart accident victims’ way of life either temporarily or permanently. Soft tissue injuries may need many operations and long-term care, such as physical therapy. This may necessitate the victim of golf cart accidents to take time off work or need long-term care.

Absent protection might result in catastrophic brain damage if a person is pushed from a golf cart at great speed. Golf cart collisions have the potential to result in concussions and even deaths.

A Golf Cart Injury: Who Is Liable?

The golf cart manufacturer, the course owner, and the driver may all be liable for injuries caused by the vehicle. The driver might be responsible if they were negligent while driving the vehicle. Additional culpability may ensue if the motorist was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the damage happened.

Did the owner of the cart caution you about the dangers of driving a golf cart? Customers frequently ask this question when they hire carts from golf courses and other companies. Legally, the owner must inform you of the dangers, highlight the security measures, and ensure you understand how to use the cart.

Golf carts are categorized as “hazardous instrumentalities” by state legislation. Due to this classification, the golf cart’s owner might be held indirectly liable even if they were not engaged in the accident.

The victim might bring a claim against the golf cart manufacturer if the mishap was brought on by defective mechanical components, problems with the brakes, or engine problems. The golf course owner might also be held accountable if they were aware of the defective cart and let players use it.

Due to their safety features and the places where they are permitted to be driven, insurance providers understand that golf carts and other vehicles are unique. Therefore, it is unlikely that your automobile insurance will pay for any injuries or damage caused to or by your golf cart in an accident.

What Must You Do Following a Golf Cart Injury?

After golf cart accidents:

  • Inform the Authorities: In the event of golf cart accidents, it is essential to contact the authorities. A police officer and any relevant medical professionals will respond soon if the authorities are called. The details of the collision will be included in a report by the police. A police record will be required if you want to take legal action to recover damages for your losses.
  • Gather Witness Accounts: Seek out any witnesses to the collision. Gather the names and primary contact information of any witnesses and their brief accounts of the accident. Witness testimony might help you win the most money possible if you decide to file a golf cart injury lawsuit.
  • Take photos of the accident scene: Take pictures with your phone of any property damage, injuries sustained as a consequence, street signs, junctions, and obstacles or dangers in the road or on the street.

Preventive Methods for Golf Cart Accidents

  • Check before using a golf cart: On-site rentals of golf carts for large groups are typical. Hundreds of people continually use them over a few months. When hiring a golf cart, one should be careful to inspect the automobile, paying close attention to the tires. They should also check to see whether the cart has enough gasoline or charge and if safety features like seat belts are accessible and working.
  • Avoid using on the sidewalk: There is frequently a designated path for golf cart use. One should refrain from using a golf cart on the sidewalk unless it is allowed. A pedestrian might suffer serious harm if this were to happen.
  • Keep your body inside the cart: Keeping all body parts within the golf cart is one of the most crucial safety recommendations. It might be risky to remain seated inside the cart while it is moving to prevent falling out or hitting something as you pass by. Keeping your body inside the golf cart will undoubtedly lessen the danger of damage, as falling off is one of the most typical ways individuals get hurt when riding in golf carts.
  • Slow down: Taking a bend, incline, or bump too rapidly when driving a golf cart can frequently result in injuries. The driver or passenger may be launched from the seat if the cart is not stopped when approaching a bend, and they may then fall on the ground or be run over by it. It significantly lowers this danger by accelerating slowly.
  • Lock the brake before leaving: The final advice for golf cart safety is to lock the brake before exiting the vehicle. When the brake is locked, the cart’s chance to roll away is eliminated, which can be a significant issue if the cart is parked on an inclined surface. No matter where it is parked, locking the brake lowers the risk of an accident.

For Your Golf Cart Accident, Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Safety Driving is one of the most excellent strategies to prevent golf cart accidents. Wear a seatbelt, even if you’re only visiting your neighbor down the street. You never know what other drivers may be doing.

If you or someone you know was injured in golf cart wrecks, you should contact a reputable and sympathetic golf cart accident lawyer. Does car insurance cover golf cart accidents? Golf cart accidents are often not covered by auto insurance.

Imagine that you were hurt in a golf cart accident and are aware that someone else or the golf course was at fault for the incident. If so, you want to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer right away. Your attorney can assist you in deciding on the best course of action, putting together a strong argument, and speaking out for your injuries in court.

The best way to ensure that you receive reasonable compensation may be to file a lawsuit against the golf cart owner. The possibility that the golf cart owner has insurance makes suing them for damages appealing.

Commercial companies that borrow or rent golf carts carry insurance. You could be qualified to file a claim under an apartment building or golf course insurance if a golf cart operated by one of those entities hurt you.

Why Seek Legal Counsel in Golf Cart Accidents?

Some golf cart collisions are merely accidents. You must establish negligence to bring a successful golf cart injury claim or lawsuit. Golf cart accidents attorneys strive to obtain the highest possible monetary settlement.

  • A thorough investigation of the incident
  • Estimating the expense of your injuries’ current and future medical care and rehabilitation
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the insurance claims adjuster and the insurance company’s attorneys
  • Ensuring that all necessary paperwork and procedures are completed before the deadline
  • Throughout the process, they will defend your legal rights and best interests.

Legal Options for Golf Cart Accidents

Medical expenses: This doesn’t only include any treatment provided right away following golf cart accidents. The compensation can be used to cover future medical costs.

Pain and suffering: While money cannot erase the victim’s pain, it can ensure the quickest and smoothest rehabilitation process.

Lost wages: Many times, victims of golf cart accidents must take time off work to recover from their wounds. Compensation may include the lost wages they would have received had they not missed work.

Punitive damages: A judge may grant the victim punitive damages to dissuade the golf cart driver from ever acting negligently again in situations when the individual who caused the collision was acting very carelessly.

If a product’s fault caused the damage, it would be feasible to bring a class-action case if other people were similarly harmed by the same brand of golf carts frequently. It’s also possible that the faulty item may be recalled.

To wind up,

When operated with prudence and common sense, golf carts may be a pleasant, secure, and affordable means of transportation for most people. But there are specific risks, especially if you share the road with automobiles and other vehicles. Injury from a golf cart should be treated with the same seriousness as a car collision.

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